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I still had waterbirth when i was breech presentation at Beijing Antai Hospital

  The rate of natural breech is very rare, many hospitals end it with cesarean, but she can have natural birth at Beijing Antai Hospital. Let’s take a look at this mom’s story:

  The doctor told me that the baby were still in breech position when i was pregnant for 34 weeks at the first time, so i’d better have cesarean because the chance of natural birth is very small, otherwise baby and me would be in dangerous. I almost fainted when i heard the news, because i had made a lot of natural birth preparations, including preparing in advance how to have a natural birth and how to recover quickly after a natural birth. But ...

    I was strong enough to give up on natural birth because of the doctor’s words, i began to look for a natural birth hospital on the internet, was there any better ways? And i wanted to know whether breech presentation can have a natural birth? Then i accidentally found out about Beijing Antai Hospital, i have learned it is the only hopsital in china that has a new concept of obstetrics. Therefore, I went straight to Antai Hospital.

  I looked at the doctors in their eyes, and asked “i’m 34 weeks now, can someone like me still have a natural birth? I want to have a natural birth.” Antai’s obstetricians answered me: “you still have the opportunity to change the baby’s position before 37 weeks, and your baby has a lot of opportunity to turn around as long as you follow the instruction in the hypnotic skills, it’s better if the baby did turn around, if now, we will give you the most suitable way of delivery after assess you and your baby comprehensively, so my husband and i started taking hypnotic childbirth classes, and i started practicing when we got home.

  The examination at Antai Hospital has shown my baby had been turned over at the time of 37weeks plus 1 day, my baby and i were in very good condition. The doctor at the obstetrics department told me the results of the examination made me happily cried. The doctor suggested waterbirth to me which will also helps me to reduce labor pain, and makes my delivery more smoothly.

  I started to have contractions at 39 weeks plus 6days, and i have successfully delivered a baby boy under water at 40 weeks. My whole family were so happy, my husband had to help me to thank every doctors because i was too excited to speak.

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